Impatient dog learns to blast car horn when owner takes too long in the shop

A no-nonsense dog has taught himself to sit in the driver’s seat and press his paw on the car horn until his owner returns when he feels lonely.

Wally the boxer even shoots some ‘serious side-eye’ at his human Tyler Fust if he feels he hasn’t been quick enough to come running back.

Recently, Tyler was finishing paying inside a shop near his home in Wisconsin, US, when he heard a car horn blaring from outside.

Despite the 32-year-old only being in shop for a couple of minutes, Wally had decided that enough was enough, and he sat upright in the driver’s seat to push his left paw on the Ford pickup truck’s steering wheel.

Tyler filmed the hilarious footage showing the two-year-old doggo keeping his paw on the horn until he returned.

It’s not until the owner reaches the window that Wally turns to deliver a very unimpressed look, without shifting his paw from the horn for a second.

Unfortunately for dairy farmer Tyler, it wasn’t a one-off incident, and Wally uses the cheeky trick whenever he gets impatient or wants attention.

The video racked up more than 200,000 views after being uploaded to Facebook, with many commenting ‘hilarious’ Wally had left them in stitches with his sassy attitude.

Tyler said: “As soon as I heard the honking, I knew it was Wally. He learned to honk about six months ago and now he does it whenever he wants my attention.

“I just couldn’t get over the serious side-eye he gave me when I got to the door. He didn’t even stop pressing the horn until I opened the door.

“Wally is getting more and more impatient as he gets older. I was only inside the shop for two minutes before he started this time.

“He is certainly not shy about using it to get attention. He doesn’t care whether he’s sat outside a shop or even my kid’s school.

“We have had Wally since he was a puppy and he has a unique set of abilities including opening doors, whether he has to push or pull with his paw.”