Dad shares simple solution for removing burns from your iron in minutes

Household appliances can start to look a little the worse for wear after we’ve had them for a long time.

When that happens most of us simply replace them – like an iron, for example.

All it takes is for you to get a little distracted and hold the the iron on a piece of fabric for a moment too long and you’ll get a burn mark, which is pretty tough to get rid of.

But not anymore after one dad revealed a simple hack which removes those stubborn burns.

Other cleaning enthusiasts have labelled the dad a “legend” and said they won’t have to throw a scorched iron away again, thanks to the idea.

His daughter Carrie Pendle shared a video of her dad showing the hack on TikTok – and it only takes a few minutes.

She captioned it: “Dad literally forced me into filming his ‘cleaning hack’ for ‘the Tik Tok’ and he keeps asking me if he’s gone viral yet so here we are.”

In the clip, you see Carrie’s dad holding a paracetamol tablet with a pair of tweezers, and carefully swipe it over the burnt areas of the hot iron in circular motions.

It then cuts to a second clip, and the burns are virtually gone.

The video has since gone viral receiving over 1.8million views and 55,500 likes.

A number of people have also commented, jokingly thanking “dad” for his smart idea.

One said: “You joking me? There’s a way to clean it lol my mum bought a new one when this happened to the iron.”

Another added: “I just watched this and tried it on my iron. A life hack that’ll stay with me. Brilliant.”

A third said: “Omg thank you for this, I’ve just tried it and my iron is perfect now. Saved me buying a new one.”

“Your dad is a legend”, said a fourth.